Best way to make a sign!

There is only One Best Way to make a sign! The best sign for you is the one that provides you with the most eye-catching, dynamic advertising and also fits comfortably into your advertising budget. With the vast variety of materials available, almost any sign concept can be created at an affordable cost without compromising quality. For example: a dimensional letter can be made of laser cut plastic, matched to any logo color and anchored to a wall with 3M VHB tape and silicone; or can be stud mounted for exterior use. There are lifetime plastic formed letters of many colors that can be stud mounted into brick, cinder block or metal building facades. At the higher end of the budget, we offer laser cut metal letters, foundry cast aluminum letters or bronze letters. Keep in mind that, for the ultimate in impressive signage, any of these letters can be gilded in 23K gold leaf as well and this kind of price variety applies to any of the signs that we make. For example, one cost effective way to simulate three dimensional lettering, whether it’s used as vehicle lettering or building signage, is to outline and shade the letters, which creates the illusion of three dimensional lettering and looks like it’s floating on the surface.

No matter what type of signage you need, the trick is to find an experienced sign designer who will work with you to provide the best solution for your signage needs. We, at Madison Sign Lettering, have over thirty years of experience in designing impressive sign advertising that is not only cost effective but will pay for itself many times over. This is key–your sign advertising should be an affordable investment that reflects well on your company by making it look impressive and then by bringing more customers to your business!

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