Business / Office Exterior Signage

You know how important your exterior signage is. It is your identity and represents your business; it tells who you are and what you do. It also sets a tone for your business image before your customer even walks through your door.

At Madison Sign we have years of experience in exterior building signs and we know the right questions to ask to make sure that you are getting the most effective advertising sign. We will help you select the best materials and give suggestions to create a professional sign that will reflect the business image that you want to convey.

We also make parking lot signs for traffic flow and directional signs, as well as parking stall identification signs.

  • Company Building Signs– Business identification that tells everyone who you are and where you are located are often flat signs made from wood or aluminum, and have cut vinyl graphics displaying your company logo. Another popular option is installing formed cut out letters directly on the building.
  • Individual Letters: Plastic, Metal, Formed Dimensional, Cut Out – These individual letters and cut out company logos can be made from a large assortment of materials which allow for various budgets.
  • Flat Building Signs – These are building business signs with the image placed on a flat substrate and anchored to the wall. The cut vinyl lettering can be enhanced with outlines and drop shadows to give the appearance of 3-dimensional letters.
  • Ground Signs – Ground signs can be used for company identification or can be created as a directory to list tenant names. These types of signs can be simple and economical or quite elaborate. With the addition of some tasteful landscaping, these signs become the focus of attention.
  • Tenant Directories – These types of signs are designed for ease of changing tenant names as needed.
  • Parking Lot Signs – Traffic flow directional signage and parking stall signs are a few of the signs that can be used to get customers where they need to be without confusion.
  • Facilities and Maintenance Signage – Madison Sign works with many facilities departments to make sure that the grounds are well identified.

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