Home Blog A Navy fighter plane comes in for custom vinyl graphics.

A Navy fighter plane comes in for custom vinyl graphics.


Occasionally I will receive an unusual sign request that sounds interesting enough that I will fit it into our busy sign shop workload. These types of sign projects are not profitable jobs and at times really test our creative talents, but I enjoy the challenge and for the most part, they provide a fun break.

This is a completely restored 1940’s era vintage American Art Deco child’s airplane pedal car.

Many times there is no easily reproducible artwork to work with; just an old photo, a rough sketch or a verbal description. In this case, it was a vinyl decal graphic set, purchased on-line, that turned out to be almost the identical color of the plane (Online discount vinyl companies have no conscience).  My customer was quite dissatisfied after purchasing graphics and then not being able to use them because of the lack of contrast.

Fortunately I was able to take a picture of the graphics and carefully separate the colors in Photoshop, which is a very powerful image editing program. The image was then converted to black and white and scanned to a vector art format.  After that the scan was cleaned up to remove any unwanted irregularities.  Finally the graphic was correctly sized and then plotter cut using white vinyl this time. It then flew off for a grandson’s Happy Birthday!

Sometimes it is more cost effective to enlist the services of a professional sign design company that will take the time to see your sign project, come up with creative solutions, and discuss your signage needs. At Madison Sign we like to listen to the customer and offer suggestions and solutions based on years of sign making experience so that you get a product you are pleased with at an honest value for the sign you purchase.

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