How To Get The Most From Your Business Vehicle

It’s interesting to see what a day spent at the sign shop can accomplish.  This is an 18 ft. box truck that was dropped off early last fall.  We had already pre-cut the vinyl graphics earlier in the week so we could have everything ready to be applied and we wouldn’t have to tie the truck up any longer than necessary.


And here is the unit later that afternoon.


For a modest investment, this advertisement will be seen on streets, highways and intersections all over the area that this business covers.  When it is not in use, it will sit in a visible location in the parking lot.  This is branding in a large way. If this treatment is applied to all the vehicles in the fleet, it won’t be long before the consistency of this image pops to mind whenever someone is looking for a related service. This once plain white delivery truck is now a business tool that serves a dual purpose and that makes vehicle advertising a business strategy worth considering.

Madison Sign