Large Format Digital Printing

Large format digital printing does not have to be large. It was so named to distinguish it from desktop printers which are size limited. Large format digital printing (digital printing) evolved independently from cut vinyl but filled the large void of being able to reproduce photos or render modeled and shaded shapes that the cut vinyl could not achieve. Any image can be reproduced and adhered to almost any service for marketing purposes.

Digital printing is similar to desk top printing in principle but differs in size, ink type, and print heads. There are many types of digital printers used for sign making: solvent, thermal, UV, latex, using different application methods: roll or flatbed, and each has its specific use.

The benefits to a colorful printed graphic is obvious both as a marketing tool and for decoration. It is also useful in making labels and smaller graphics that cannot be accomplished with cut vinyl graphics, however it does have limits. Whereas the material used for cut vinyl lettering. is a 2 mil. thick solid color, printed graphics are tiny dots of color printed on a surface. Digitally printed images are said to last 3-5 years but I have been unable to get an answer if that means when the image begins to show signs of fading or when the image is totally gone. We have done tests here at at the shop and have had a wide range results. We have one sample graphic with a South exposure that shows only slight fading after 8 years. In any event, lamination of the graphic is an important option to consider when purchasing a printed graphic. There are UV prohibitive laminates that we offer which will extend the life of the print an additional few years.

Large format printing is ideal for vehicle graphics, often called vehicle wraps or partial wraps. It provides a large mobile advertising graphic that is seen at every intersection and parking lot 24 hours a day. Large format digital printing is also very popular for Trade Show marketing and is used for booth banners or portable banner stands and posters. Wherever a picture can enhance and help promote and advertising idea, large format digital printing is the solution.

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