Vehicle Wraps

The term “vehicle wrap” has quickly evolved to become the go-to word for what used to be called vehicle lettering. Anyone looking for truck or van advertising now often refers to vehicle graphics as a vinyl graphic wrap.

There are more than one way to wrap a vehicle and It should be noted that not all wraps will break the advertising budget; cost is based on the amount of vinyl used and the complexity of the surface to which the vinyl is being applied. In other words, the entire vehicle does not need to be covered to make a visual statement. Partial wraps are extremely effective and, in many cases, not as cluttered. We have all seen a truck or a van that has such busy graphics that the name of the business is totally lost.

A partial wrap that focuses on a main theme, which enhances and reinforces the business name, makes a clear statement and is very cost effective in comparison to a total vehicle graphic that covers every spot on the vehicle that isn’t chromed. A good sign shop with an experienced designer who will work with you can save a ton of money when planning your vehicle graphics. Feel free to email or give us a call to discuss your next lettering project.

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