What a Good Sign Should Do

A sign lets people know who you are, where you are and how to reach you. Your sign, above all, should be clean, crisp and easily read. The design should reflect your image, whether a pin-line border is used to frame the sign or a simple design element is used to set the tone, as long as it creates a tasteful statement that enhances rather than distracts from your business name. Your business sign gives potential customers their first impression of your business. This is a very important consideration, given that most customers see and judge you by the image your sign coveys before they ever meet you. Your business image is important, as it expresses the image that you are conveying and people take notice. There is a difference between a poorly conceived sign layout, regardless of how well designed your logo is, and a well balanced layout that uses good principles of design to enhance your logo or business name. People get an impression of your business from your signage, whether consciously or not.

Vehicle graphics are a definite advertising tool that is seen by hundreds of potential customers each day. Well designed vehicle advertising graphics not only let people know who you are and your area of expertise, it also tells people how to reach you. Years ago a phone number was a must on any vehicle lettering job; today I recommend including your website; and even a Face Book and Twitter icon can be included if applicable.

Bright, colorful event signs let people know what’s happening and where it’s happening. Feather banners or Coroplast yard signs are great attention getters that make your location stand out, whether it’s for a retail strip mall or an apartment leasing event. Interior banners and posters help inform and direct your customers within your business place to an area of interest, whether it’s a new item that you are promoting or a sales event that they may be interested in.

One of the main benefits of having a great sign is that it creates consistent branding; every time someone drives by your business or passes your vehicle and sees your sign, you get remembered just a little more. Each time your image is seen it is reinforcing your brand identity. Someone may not have need for your service at this moment but when they do, it is to your advantage when they recall your name or logo.

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